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Sahay Solar Company to launch solar project in Gambia

Nov 18, 2019, 1:14 PM | Article By: Fatou Bojang

Two German solar experts from Sahay Solar Engineering Company, Thursday revealed to journalists at a press conference that their company was bringing a solar project in the country.

Sahay Solar Engineering Company is a German-based, focused on off grid power supply and solar water pumping in Africa. The company offers services such as training, consultation, monitoring and water supply.

With a vision to provide sustainable access to water and electricity for everyone, the company started its solar operations in East Africa where they have been providing solar system for schools, health centers, private institutions and solar water pumping projects for governments and NGOs.

Solar experts, Max Spannagel and Sebastian Zeinz explained in a power point presentation how Gambia could benefit from the solar project. According to them, solar market has a higher potential in Gambia and Africa than other parts of the world, saying solar energy is more sustainable and reliable than generators because they are cost effective and more environmentally friendly.

Sebastian Zeinz said they offer full services from basic analysis to the last stage of the project. “In doing this, it is important to have professionals who can point out mistakes and can tell how much energy you’re consuming,” he said.

He added that they ship quality products from Germany and to other countries where they have their projects. “These products are assembled to check if the quality is good or not. The company also provides logistical work, instillations and others.”

For solar water pumping, Mr. Spannagel said they do water pumping for drinking and for other irrigation purposes. “In East Africa, many of the pumps are working on diesel generator which usually fails a lot. This is why we focus on replacing diesel power pumps with solar energy to make it sustainable.”

Max Spannagel pointed out the significance of monitoring system, saying it would proof whether a proper maintenance has been done or not. He said at Sahel, they do their projects separately where proper analysis and procurement would be done to prevent future problems.

Mr. Spannagel said once a system is installed, it has to run and be long lasting which is why they train people and have remote monitoring for a better service. “There is huge potential because we have seen what the products can do if they are installed and maintained in the right way.”

He said they have two projects in The Gambia, with one focusing on health and the other one on private house. He said the company is, however, looking forward to making partners in The Gambia for a successful implementation of the project.