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Queen's Baton to arrive tomorrow

Dec 10, 2009, 2:37 PM

In a few more hours to go the Queen's Baton is set to land in The Gambia for the second time tomorrow at the Banjul International Airport.

As in 2005, the baton is expected to visit Banjul, KMC and Western Region.

The Baton which is to enter the shores of the country by mid-day will visit the Ministry of Youth and Sports before proceeding to the July 22nd for its official reception by 1pm. At the square, State Ministers and National Assembly Members are expected to run with the Baton, before its will spend its first night at the Ministry of Youth and Sports.

On Saturday December 12th, companies will also take their own share of the run, starting from the Ministry of Youth and Sports. Later, the Baton will spend the night at the Indian Embassy.

Past and present athletes together with the National Sports Associations will take part in the day-three of Baton's visit, which is entirely a Sports Day stretching up to the Western Region.

On Monday, December 14th after spending the night at the Ministry of Youth and Sports for the second time, the day will be opened with a run by school children.

The Gambia Civil Aviation will pick the baton from the Yundum Police Station into the Airport at 4.30pm.

The Baton which is equipped with a sensitive camera, capable of taking images and sounds for immediate broadcast through the Delhi 2010 website to every corner of the globe is expected to depart on SN Brussels for Accra, Ghana via Dakar at 9pm.