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Promoting the culture of reading

Jul 12, 2011, 12:55 PM

The culture of reading is to help people become good readers and become aware of things happening around them.

People, especially youth, should embrace the culture of reading, which will in turn boost their academic pursuit.Reading books, newspapers, magazines, etc. will help our students do well in their various fields of studies.

Reading sharpens one’s knowledge and understanding, and prepares you to become a better citizen.

The more you read the better and more informed you become. Reading, therefore, should be a continued practice, especially among our young people.

The culture of reading makes people more curious of things around them.

The school libraries, the National Library and the American Corner are good places to go for reading.

Students should try to visit these and other reading places to help themselves become better informed.

The practice greatly helps people to understand issues that are of importance to them, and it helps one to improve in grammar and literature

In The Gambia, we are blessed with very good writers, who write interesting books which are of importance to our future and development.

Some of these books also consider the local context and current realities; we, therefore, recommend students to be reading them.

When you buy their books to read, you are also supporting our local writers by patronizing them.

Our teachers must continue to recommend good books for the students, while the parents should also help buying good books for their kids.

With regard reading habit, it also helps to encourage our children to improve their English proficiency.

This will help them to effectively communicate with peers, teachers and other people.

Sadly enough most people in this country do not even have a copy of the Gambian constitution, much more to have read it.

People must invest in books and reading material that have direct bearing on their lives.

The culture of reading is good, and pays a lot!