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Peaceful resolution the way forward

Jan 9, 2017, 2:03 PM

We are still hoping to see a peaceful resolution of the political impasse and its tension looming in the country.

All have, therefore, called for peace and cooperation between the two parties in the standoff.

But the clock is also ticking as we get to January 19, when the president-elect is expected to be inaugurated.

We have continued to lend our voice to the call for a peaceful resolution of the crisis, so that our nation does not get itself entangled in a situation wherein two people will be clamouring for the seat of power, when one president has been elected.

This will create serious confusion and conflict in the country.

Therefore, cooperation between the sitting president and his government and the incoming president and his party should prevail, as they should really take all necessary steps to cooperate and show understanding to each other to resolve the matter.

This can be done by removing all fears and suspicion between each other, to save the nation from entering the realm of violence in resolving the impasse.

On or after the 19th of January, The Gambia will definitely have one leader to lead this country, but we do not want that to be arrived at through violent means.

The Gambia is a developing country with comparatively very small population. So we would not want our infrastructural development destroyed and human lives perished before we can arrive at any peaceful resolution of the matter.

We are today a nation in fear and uncertainty of what the future holds in store for us, especially as we approach January 19.

Already, businesses are winding down and people are moving apparently to safe abodes, in fear of the unknown.

This climate of uncertainty is serving as a direct attack on the national economy, and further exacerbating the economic hardship in the country, and as we approach January 19 this condition continues to get worse.

We should, therefore, do all it takes to save our nation from plunging into violent conflict even as our country is today in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons: political dispute, disagreement over election results, refusal to step down from power after a democratic poll result, and fear of war as people run away from the city to the suburbs and neighbouring countries.

A peaceful resolution is, therefore, needed to keep our nation intact and on the path of progress, as we enter a new phase of our development trajectory.

“War is an instrument entirely inefficient toward redressing wrong; and multiplies, instead of indemnifying losses.”

Thomas Jefferson