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Apr 2, 2020, 12:11 PM | Article By: Sheriff Janha, Kaur

A constitution is an embodiment of principles of life not peoples’ wishes or wills.

A constitution is not a document of an embodiment of the will and wishes of the people but a set of principles of life out of which the laws of living is derived. Laws are not instituted base on wishes or wills but base on the fundamental principles of a higher, more productive and prosperous life.

Furthermore, all powers emanate from the wishes and will of the people. This is absolutely ridiculous and an acute silliness to serve as the basis of power. Power is not something to come from the wishes or wills of a people. Power is the embodiment of principles out of which the principle and standard of life and living is guaranteed to every human being. And whoever is to obtain such power to steer the affairs of the people must strictly and unbending live by those principles. The principles of the right for every individual to live life to the fullest, nourish it and sustain it and be free to express without restriction his nature (freedom, justice and equality which cannot be given to him as readymade but he has to strive to obtain it by himself and for himself) to discover in full his ability to take ownership of his destiny.

In addition, No one in his sound mind and consciousness can be represented. Each individual can only represent himself by himself and for himself and nobody else can.  The duty of any government (group of institutions) is to make sure these principles are lived by without any violation or limitation set against those rights. In fact the sole responsibility of a government is to enable each individual to govern himself in accordance with the principle for a higher life.

Every individual is sovereign to himself so as long he doesn’t act against the principles that guarantee him perpetual life of peace, joy and contentment of heart. Any act that tends to derogate the individual mind and body, risk his life and destiny or impede his freedom and happiness is a violation of the principles indicated above.

The principle of delegating of power to few individuals by the people is absurd because no power can be delegated. Power can only be lived by, preserved, exercised and protected. Any power delegated could be used as a tool of oppression and suppression against the principles of life and eventually be a subject of violation of human rights and freedom. Every Individual with sound mind and body should be the sole governor of his own lives alone not others’ lives in accordance with the principle of living. No constitution has the mandate to directly or indirectly guarantee power to be delegated to any group of individual. Any constitution that does that is a document of criminals meant to subvert the principle of life.

Any constitution that guarantees certain rights for a specific group is a discriminatory document which lacks the substance of true principles of sovereign rights. Rights and freedom are for all individuals regardless of whatever condition or phenomena. Every individual enjoys equal rights and freedom and all individuals must uphold and duly protect their rights and preserve the right of others without exploitation or oppression.

Finally, no generation has the right to dictate how and in what manner another generation should live. Every generation is to live by the principles of life that deem it fit for their successful living at the time of their existence. The nature of life demand every generation to live a higher life better and more advanced than the previous one. So it will be naive for a constitution to outline how the next generation should live. No constitution has that mandate. Each generation should live by the principles that serve to advance their lives to a higher level, more peaceful with greater success and prosperity than the pre-existing generations.