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New Gambia Movement donates food items to St Anthony’s Church

Apr 12, 2017, 12:01 PM | Article By: Rose Zahra Gomez

New Gambia Movement is a civil society organisation out to assist the Gambian people in aid, politics and civil right education.

The movement recently donated food items to St. Anthony’s Church in Kololi to distribute among the community in observance of Easter festival.

Speaking at the presentation ceremony, Professor Gomez said this civil society organisation was conceived out of the urgent need to bring together well-meaning and well-minded Gambians and friends of The Gambia to give technical and human assistance that will bring about lasting attitudinal and meaningful democratic change in the country.

The movement was launched on 2 January 2017 and the membership has grown to 27 countries around the world with 175 members to date.

Professor Gomez said the mission of the movement is to transform The Gambia into a politically enlightened and empowered family nation to a country where the citizens will be treated as the parents of the nation and the government as the children of the nation.

The movement’s work is to ensure The Gambia is turned into a Family Nation in which the citizens will be sufficiently enlightened in politics and empowered to exert the practice of democratic values and control over leaders, so that no leader is able to oppress, marginalise and deny the rights of people.

He said the movement is out to help enlighten and empower people on their political rights, to transform them into one big traditional Gambian family nation through the agency of the nation as school.

They are also aiming to collaborate with government, civil society organisations and institutions operating with the family nation in all areas for the attainment of their mission and vision.

He further said to achieve its objectives as an organisation the New Gambia Movement aspires to work in partnership with government, civic society organisation and institutions.

He said the movement aims is to educate the citizens in various areas, including politics, law, history, science, technology, engineering, mathematics and sustainable rural resource development hence an institution of Gambian studies would be established.

The movement has a small charitable arm, which aspires to respond appropriately to some of the challenges faced by the less fortunate members of the Family Nation.

As part of their charitable arm, they donate food items to churches, mosques and organisations occasionally to share among the needy.

Rev. Fr Emile Sambou, the priest of St. Anthony Church, said he honoured and appreciated the food items given to the church, which will be put into good use and shared among the community.

He thanked the organisation for their good initiative and asked them to keep up the momentum.

Madam Nahla Tambadou, who also spoke on the occasion, elaborated more on the aim of the foundation, saying it was not their first time to donate items but it is time for Easter, so they have to give a helping hand to others.  More will come during Ramadan and other festive occasions, she added, saying they would also empower the youth in skills training and civil education to be more responsible citizens. 

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