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Narcotics and Corruption: steadfast eradication

Sep 30, 2010, 4:17 PM | Article By: Augustin Kanjia

Dealing in Narcotics and Corruption are problems in today's world, which seem impossible to eradicate in any society. Yet the Narcotics And Corruption Free World Foundation (NACFWF) in Bakoteh, headed by Idrish A. Masade, is poised to stamp out the twin dangers in the society. Though a daunting task, the foundation has begun making an impact. Society and Development examines the aim, present activities and expected outcomes pursued by the foundation. Society recently interviewed Idrish A. Masade in Bakoteh.
S&D: Please introduce your foundation.
Idrish AM: We are a non-profit, non governmental, non sectarian, civil society and charitable organisation committed to assisting communities, local and international, governments and the United Nations agencies to achieve their aim of eradicating narcotics and corruption from the surface of this world. It is an organisation that has formulated strategies, and implement policies to achieve this objective in the world. We started a long time ago, but it was in July this year when we were registered. We shall launch our foundation on 2nd October 2010. Then we have our nation-wide sensitisation beginning on 7th October, and to be done by areas, such as in KMC, Banjul and others.

S&D: Do you have a specific aim?  
Idrish AM: Basically, it is to eradicate the cultivation, possession, use, trafficking in narcotics, and corruption in general. We do this by complementing the efforts of the various international and national bodies and governments towards the eradication of narcotics and corruption.

S&D: What about your method of operation?

Idrish AM: The methods employed by us are very subtle and efficient. They include grassroots education, and sensitisation of the public on the menace and dangers associated with narcotics for humanity.

Our foundation through its work contributes in creating the right environment for socio-economic development, by helping in eradicating crime and corruption associated with narcotics activities. We also sensitise the public on the negative effects of hard drugs on people's health, the economy, and the fact that they can eventually lead to very serious social and civil problems. Since schools are resuming now, we would develop programmes for the junior, senior secondary and tertiary levels to educate them on the negative and catastrophic effects of narcotics and corruption.

S&D: What has the foundation done so far to impress anyone?

Idrish AM: The foundation provides comprehensive reports on drug cartels and their various associates to governments and their agencies, and the United Nations.

S&D: Are you working with any government at the moment?

Idrish AM: We are not only helping governments, but UN and others to eradicate organised crime and corruption. We shall give governments authentic, comprehensive intelligence reports on the perpetrators of advance fee fraud. We shall expose the techniques and methods employed by these fraudsters, so as to prevent and protect the people from being victims. We shall help our partners to combat, control and eradicate advance fee fraud by exposing its entire ramifications. Also teaching local grassroots on the techniques and strategies employed by the perpetrators. We are already collaborating in many ways with the National Drug Enforcement Agency, and we hope to extend it to other government agencies and organisations.

S&D: What is your biggest achievement so far?

Idrish AM: We had many successes, even before the inception of the foundation. Our presence alone is an achievement. Many would take their time if they know we are here. Our membership is growing too, and it's a success story. Many people and groups have so far benefitted from our work. For example, we have discussed with the transport union to sensitise commercial drivers.

S&D: Do you have any commandments to guide you?

Idrish AM: Yes, we have, and they include: Thou shall love humanity with all thy heart even more than thyself;

Thou shall not think Narcotic, not even in thy dreams for this is the beginning of self- destruction and ultimate death;  

Thou shall not sell narcotic  for the day thou sell it thou have destroyed  humanity and shall not go unpunished;

Thou shall not  traffic narcotics, for the day thou traffic it thou  shall surely pay the penalty, for thou has destroyed thyself and humanity; Thou shall not use or consume narcotics for the day thou use or consume narcotics thou has surely destroy thyself and humanity;
Thou shall not defraud humanity for this is the way to eternal damnation.

S&D: Any constraints, in a few words?

Idrish AM: We have financial constraints. We need vehicles to help us do our work. We have workers to pay in the office, and we move around a lot. We need technical, logistic and financial assistance, so as to achieve our aim.

S&D: Any last words?

Idrish AM: We want all to come on board and help us. We could be reached through Tel: 00220 9022880 or email: (intnarcotic.corruption@yahoo.com)


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