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Murder and rape bad in any Society

Jun 1, 2011, 2:47 PM

Frequent reports of murder and rape cases in the country should be a cause for concern to everyone.

The Gambia is a peace-loving country, and seeing our youths get involved in such negative vices  is not a good sign for the country, which is counting very highly on the young people  to take charge of the future advancement of the nation.

People have to understand that the country is being governed by laws, and that anybody who feels offended should lodge a complaint with the relevant authorities, rather than take the law into their own hand, as this will not pay any dividends.

We have to know that nobody is above the law, and therefore every one is equal  before the law, and the reason why  governments  put the judiciary in place is to make sure justice prevails in all the cases before the courts.

Murder and rape do not have a place in our society, since even our religions are against such vices, because they will only give a bad name to society.

In The Gambia, both the government and the media are doing well to address such evil things in our communities.

Government on their part  are doing extremely well to make sure that the issue of rape and murder becomes a thing of the past in the country, and at the level of the judiciary murder and rape cases are not to be condoned, as most of the time we have seen the courts sentence rapists and murderers to life imprisonment .

We feel that this is a good move on the side of the government, since such moves will discourage people and make them desist from such crimes.

The media is also doing a good job in exposing the rapists and murderers. This is the only way the media as agents of change can help in the crusade to fight rape and murder in the country.