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Mother Admits Killing Her Newly Born Baby

Nov 3, 2009, 1:56 PM | Article By: Soury Camara

Sirrah Gomez, a mother yesterday openly admitted her guilt of a murder charge before the Special Criminal Court of the High Court in Banjul.

Sirrah Gomez, who is charged with two criminal offences of murder and concealment of birth of her newly born baby at the Fajara Barracks, pleaded guilty to count one, which is killing her newly born baby, but denied count two of concealment of birth.

Upon reading the charges to the accused, defence counsel Ms. Njie applied to the court for her client to be subjected to psychiatric postnatal test that will determine whether she is still suffering from postnatal stress.

Counsel Njie further argued that the facts must fit the charges and submitted for it to be substituted with infanticide.

However, the trial judge, Justice Richards overruled the defence counsel's application, adjudging that the span of postnatal stress is limited to a little day and the offence is alleged to have occurred since July.

But he further elucidated that except a general insanity test be conducted, "the test result does not have anything to do with the charge."

State Counsel Bahoum informed the court that, the accused has undergone insanity test and the result will be available to the defence before the next sitting.

The particulars of offence state that on 4th July 2009, Sirrah Gomez, at the Fajara Barracks unlawfully caused the death of her newly born baby by tightening her in a plastic bag, knowing that death is the probability consequence.

While count two reads that, the accused at the same day and place, concealed the birth of her newly born baby.

The case continues on10th November 2009.