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Minority Leader Denies Intending to Join APRC

Mar 27, 2008, 7:01 AM | Article By: By Lamin B. Darboe

The National Assembly Member (NAM) for Kiang West constituency, Alhagie Momodou Sanneh, has dismissed widespread rumours that he is planning to switch allegiance to APRC, saying that it is not in his plan to join APRC party. Responding to rumours making rounds in town that he was about to join APRC, as indicated by his frequent appearance on GRTS TV, the Kiang West NAM said that he considers it an obligation on him as a National Assembly Member and also as Minority Leader in the National Assembly to attend national functions if invited officially.

He expressed his belief in the principles of the UDP party, saying that viewing him on GRTS TV should not be the determinant of favour. According to Hon. Sanneh, all Gambians are equally concerned in national issues, noting that attending national functions has nothing to do with his political support or belief. "Being an opposition member in the National Assembly does not mean you should be critical of government. You can only be critical of government on issues which are not in the interest of Gambians," he stressed. He reassured voters that as a patriotic citizen and politician he would always be part of anything that is good for The Gambia.

He hailed the Speaker of the National Assembly as one who always makes sure that both the Majority and Minority Leaders are not left out in the administration of National Assembly matters.

He observed that if there is any political university in The Gambia, it is Kiang West Constituency, whose constituents he described as politically mature. He added that as a representative of the masses his priority is to put the interests of his constituency and The Gambia at large on the top.

The Kiang West NAM concluded by describing himself as a National Assembly Member who is not looking for cheap popularity but that his is a development-oriented mission.