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Letter to The Editor

Feb 9, 2009, 4:47 AM

The Lady at the American Embassy

It is interesting and even pleasant to know that there are still some few people who are in a high position that gives a listening ear to all. Though we are sometimes doubtful about whether to make that one call or approach to an individual working in a respectable company or corporate.

Many at times you call a firm for an information that you so much desperately need only to encounter a rude receptionist, who will hung up the phone before you even have the chance of talking. Its even worst if the person is a female and you happen to be one too. But when it comes to the American Embassy located along Kairaba Avenue, the case is totally different.

Recently, I called there and since then I have been having the urge to call every now and then because of this nice lady that I spoke with, who introduced herself as Awa Sissokho.

She answered me in a very polite and beautiful manner, leaving me with the impression that not everyone is the same. For me, what I think is that if anyone should be proud or rude then perhaps she is more entitle to it than any other. We all agree that the American Embassy is one big name that if anyone hears it, there are so many thoughts suddenly encircling your brain.

Am therefore calling on all receptionists or any individual who is responsible for forwarding information to try as much as possible to be just like Awa Sissokho. All humans are the same but the least you can do for your fellow human beings is to respect them no matter the age or gender.

Kim Beadle - New York - USA