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Herbalist on Traditional Medicine Exhibition

Aug 11, 2009, 10:27 AM

Dr Alhassan Ibn Abukary, the chairperson of Traditional Medicine and Home Care Foundation in the Gambia has confessed that traditional treatment is found to be very effective and as such, he treated thousands of patients across the sub region.

Dr Abubakary made these remarks at a one-day exhibition of traditional medicine held at Sheraton hotel during the strategy plan for traditional medicine and home cares foundation recently.

According to the 54-year herbalist, he inherited traditional healing from his father and stepfather and has been practising it since when he was young.

He added that his mission of staying in the Gambia is to compliment government efforts in the health care system.

The traditional herbalist also pointed out that he cures so many diseases such as sexual weakness, malaria, stomach disorderly among other complicated diseases.

He said that the importance of traditional medicine cannot be over emphasised, saying that since immemorial people were using traditional medicine to cure different varieties of diseases with leaf, steam, roots and many other things.

He also spoke at length on the vital roles traditional healers also play in society, noting that the objectives of traditional healers and that of the conventional one are to heal the sick. He therefore calls on all and sundry to work hand in hand for the attainment of quality health care system in the Gambia.

Dr Abukary then called on all traditional healers to come together as a family and preserve the traditional healing knowledge by teaching young ones who would take over tomorrow.

He assured the Ministry of Health of strong partnership in the interest of nation building, saying that no country can develop in absence of good health care system.