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Health Must Not Be Compromised

Mar 13, 2009, 5:35 AM

We must first commend the State Department of Health for coming at the proper time in preventing the notorious Melamine contaminated milk from China. According to a press release issued to this paper, the State department has stated that the ban follows a two-week joint inspection exercise of food items in Banjul and the Greater Banjul Area by relevant stakeholders in the implementation of the Food Act 2005, with a view to removing such products from the food distribution system of this country. Recently the said State Department have not only continued to monitor our supermarkets and their related food outlets, but have also gone the extra mile by clamping down on food vendors in our streets urging them to abide by the Food Act or risk the consequence. On the issue of the Melamine contaminated milk, this has caused untold suffering to several babies in China to the extent of some losing their lives, and for the health department to stop such a huge shipment from entering the country saves its citizens from such a situation as has sadly befallen the people of China.

Health must be the concern of all Gambians and we must all collaborate in ensuring that such contaminated food products do not enter our borders.