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Good road network

May 15, 2012, 11:45 AM

A good road network in any country is an indispensable ingredient to national development, as it facilitates the smooth movement of people, goods and services.

As the rainy season is fast approaching, it is very important that the potholes in the country’s roads are fixed soon, ahead of the rains.

Certain roads might not be motorable in the country, especially within the Greater Banjul Area and in the provinces.

The rainy season is almost here, a time when the state of most of our roads become a major cause for concern and topical issue in many corners of the country.

And during this period many of the roads become unreachable because of their deplorable condition.

We would equally want to bring to the attention of the concerned authorities that other roads that require immediate consideration in this area include the Laminkoto-Passamas road, Basse-Sutukoba road, Campama road, Barrow Kunda-Gunjur Kuta, among others.

Most of these roads are in a deplorable condition; thus the need to do something about them.

It is common knowledge that during the rainy season, you go to certain areas, you find too many pot holes and too much water. 

It is imperative to note that the efficient and safe movement of freight and people over our national highways network is very significant.

To make our roads user-friendly, we need to rehabilitate them and keep proper maintenance of them, as we cannot afford to live without good roads.

We once again renew our call that area councils should act now that the rainy season is almost here, by upgrading major feeder roads for the convenience of the people.

During the rainy season, many people going to work have to walk in the rain and through deep water and mud.

We would like to reiterate that every effort should be employed in putting our roads in a good state, with all possible haste.