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GOOD MORNING MR. PRESIDENT: Recruitment of senior civil servants

Feb 10, 2020, 12:17 PM

Mr. President, the appointment of senior officials into your government should be given a high degree of consideration to procedures laid down for selection of functionaries. There are series of actions that need to be done in a certain way before certain sensitive positions can be occupied by people of high degree of integrity.

Mr. President the only acceptable way to recruit senior officials is by going through their qualifications and screening to avoid recruiting the undesirables.

Individuals and groups that have been convicted by competent court of law in Gambia or any other jurisdiction should never be allowed to serve as they are bad examples for their subordinates, the nation and the youth; the nation deserves better.

Mr. President as the country is going through a hard transition time it is important that your administration avoid decisions that could be considered as bad recipe that contradicts national values.

Mr. President you must appoint well educated, experienced people in different fields to always give you advise which can guide you. Without good advice you will always face criticism.

Mr. President you must fast-track the day-to-day running of the state affairs.

By next month you will receive the report of the Constitutional Review Commission (CRC), which will be submitted to the National Assembly in June.

Mr. President we should bear in mind that we have to go for referendum because there are certain provisions in the constitution that are entrenched.

In this regard, registration of new voters and card replacement of those whose cards are no more valid or lost should take place as soon as possible. IEC officials should also tell the public if we will maintain the marble or adopt the ballot papers for the referendum. If we are to use the ballot papers, then the populace should be educated.

Finally Mr. President, you should always promote peace and unity among all Gambians.

We should at all times try to promote responsible democracy, rule of law and avoid the unruly behaviour of insulting and castigating people especially through the social media.

Fourteen political parties have been registered and there should be a law in which leaders of those parties will disclose how they got the funds to run their parties.

Let’s pray for peace, unity and reconciliation for our homeland!

Good day!

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