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Good Morning Mr President Adama Barrow

Mar 9, 2017, 12:49 PM

Mr President I have asked a lot of Gambians who you are and Thank GOD all the people I talked to, spoke well of you. This in essence encourages me to give you more and more GODLY and Administrative advice as if I was in your position. Allah Be my Witness.

Mr President, you have some good advisers around you and the best so far appreciated by all Gambians are Hon. Justice Hassan Jallow, Hon. Ba Tambedou and Hon. D.A. Jawo. I had to mention these names simply because it strikes my mind that all of these gentlemen are not politicians but technocrats. Please listen and take advice from these close collaborators.

Mr President, you have inherited a rotten system filled with crocodiles all over the place. My advice to you is to IMMEDIATELY appoint Co-MDs, Co-Permanent Secretaries and Co-Project Managers in all sectors of Government including and not limited to Parastatals and semi-private-government companies. By doing the above you will reduce the financial hemorrhage pending the publications of the AUDIT reports in preparations.

Mr President as your Justice Minister rightly suggested, I also believe you should put a STOP on the constitutional amendments and look properly and propose to amend all the bad laws that need to be amended in the 1997 Constitution and submit it to referendum at ONCE.

Do remember Mr President that you belong to no political party, you contested as an Independent Candidate. Your Party is the Gambia. As such you should think and act global in the interest of ALL Gambians now and for generations to come.

Mr President as long as you do the right thing, Allah will be with YOU.

Finally Mr President a 30-mn walk on a daily basis to refresh your body and mind will do you good. Our prophet Mohamed SAW used to do and encourage sports and horse riding to Muslims. Please also watch what you eat both for security reasons and health purposes.

To conclude Mr President let the PRESS be free; it is the source of your ears and eyes.

May Allah help you accomplish your mission peacefully and progressively?

Have a good day.

Written by Pa Njie Girigara