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Gamcel Support Grass Root Sport

Apr 24, 2009, 9:05 AM | Article By: Soury Camara

Attuning to the realities of developments in the country, Gamcel continue to render their benevolent gesture in trying to support grass root football and development of sport in the country.

At a presentation ceremony held at the company's conference hall yesterday, the nation main cellular company extend its dab hand gesture to an inter- ward sport committee in order to help groom young talent at the grass root level.

The members of the inter -ward sport Committee, that entail Ebo Town and Jeshwang ward, Tallinding Ward and Serrekunda Ward were beneficiaries of a cash amount of D5000 (five thousand Dalasi), Fifty T-shirts, two cups, twenty five sim- cards, two footballs and two Gamcel banners through the public relation officer of the committee Kawsu Jammeh.

Speaking on behave of the committee, Kawsu Badgie profusely appreciated the laudable gesture given by Gamcel, in that "it will go a long way in assisting to facilitate the activities of sport committee and help develop sport" he claim.

In a related development, Gamcel also donated fifty T- Shirts to Kunta Kinteh Cultural Group, that was received by the Director and leader of the group Abdourahman Bahgura who dilated the need to sensitised youths about the cultural values that Gambia and Sierra Leone share together.

Lamin Fofana the marketing officer of Gamcel, maintains that his company will continue to support grassroot sport and help players to grow into national players.