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Gambia’s Professional footballer and former captain of the National Team Matthew Mendy calls on Jammeh to step down

Dec 23, 2016, 10:48 AM

It is imperative that we Gambians understand that the Gambia is on a ticking time bomb mode. No one can tell exactly what is going to happen in the next days or weeks but the only clear fact in this situation is that the people have spoken, President Jammeh lost the elections and he will go out of office.

In the interest of peace and stability of our country and the region, we need President Jammeh to graciously hand over power.

It is important that every Gambian or Gambian organization speaks out and make it clear to outgoing president Jammeh that he must step down.

To our brothers and sisters in the Gambia Armed Forces and other security personnel, I would like to thank you and your families for the sacrifices you have made for the sake of our country.

You took an oath to God to protect and serve the people of the Gambia, to defend the country and its people from all enemies foreign or domestic and to be the instrument of justice, peace and stability.

You put yourselves in harm’s way and are willing to pay the ultimate price for the freedoms of the people. Not many of us are willing or able to offer the same sacrifice and the entire Gambian people are grateful for your service.

In this volatile period that the Gambia is in, it is also important to remind you, the security forces the course that the Gambia takes in the next coming days or weeks is entirely in your hands.

The People have spoken and it is your sworn duty to uphold the will of the Gambian people. There can be a peaceful transition of power to President-elect Barrow who will be your new commander in chief not later than the 19th of January 2017.

Gambians believe in you the security forces and we understand that you still have a mandate to follow orders from your commander in chief, outgoing President Jammeh.

However, his mandate as president of the Gambia will be over soon and when this time comes, we expect the security forces to honor the will of the people and accept your new commander-in-chief President Adama Barrow.

The truth is that all Gambians have a role to play and a responsibility for our country.

Every person’s voice should be heard and in upholding the will of the people, and our brothers and sisters in uniform have a more critical role to play.

A nation’s power does not lie on the president or presidency but on its people and their votes. The Gambian people have spoken and it is time that outgoing President Jammeh respects the will of the people, and steps down peacefully.

Matthew Mendy

Professional Footballer

Fmr. Gambia National Football Team Captain