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Gambia's Dream Park: A Moving Experience

Apr 8, 2008, 6:43 AM | Article By: By Augustine Kanjia


The DreamPark, situated in the Senegambia area has come in a grand style to fulfil the desires of citizens and visitors to the country. The area is decorated to match with other dream parks of the world.

Gambia is said to be among 7 countries with Dream Parks in Africa. Answering to President Jammeh's call on investors, the DreamPark was set up by eight openhearted Libyans. Augustine Kanjia searches by the help of Baddi Alpha Jaiteh, the General Manager of the DreamPark and talks of their initial problems. Read and discover how you could bring your family to relax at the DreamPark.

S & D: Who owns the DreamPark?

Baddi Alpha Jaiteh: The DreamPark owned by 8 Libyans, their group known as African Safari Company, some of them are Mohamed Al-Rashid, Saleheddin Al-Bahi and Hassan among others.

S & D: What is the aim of such a Dream park?

Baddi Alpha Jaiteh: It is an amusement park. On their first visitation they go to the beach. Upon the invitation by the government extended to Libya for investment they come.

S & D: How much money may be involved in such a project and how long did it take to complete?

Baddi Alpha Jaiteh: They spent 2 Million Dollars on the project and it took three years to complete it all.

S & D: Is it expensive running it at all?

Baddi Alpha Jaiteh: Of course yes! All equipments are electronic and are quite expensive. These massive machines consume power.

S & D: Is electricity biting from the little you raise?

Baddi Alpha Jaiteh: Yes! The bills come quite high.

When we were constructing before operation, we spent D30 - 35,000 on electricity. We worked then for only half a month. When we started operation we paid over D80, 000 a month to NAWEC. This is too much.

S & D: Is it going to be beneficial to the investors?

Baddi Alpha Jaiteh: It can only be beneficial if more people come to use the facilities. The Express machine takes 40 passengers not many come, it's yet new to them. If government could consider reducing electricity bill, then we are sure to reduce prices at the DreamPark to let users realise their dreams.

S & D: Have you employed any body yet?

Baddi Alpha Jaiteh: Yes! There are 40 people employed in the amusement park and 20 in the restaurant. We should be considered for reduction on the electricity bill considering the amount of workers we have on the pay roll.

S & D: Any appeal to government?

Bidi Alpha Jaiteh: We are on the process. Our MD, is striving tooth and nail, meeting the relevant government officials for consideration in the reduction of electricity bills.

We want to make the place and games affordable to Gambians. We are lucky to be among the 7 African countries to have a DreamPark. Children who come to amusement parks have been proved to be more intelligent.

S & D: What other benefits does it provide?

Biddi Alpha Jaiteh: Many Tourists have not brought their families because of the lack of the dream park, but realising that there is a dream park they are now coming with them and more will come.

The game park is not for children alone it's for people aging between 2 to 55. We want people to come and explore with their children.

S & D: Any advice?

Biddi Alpha Jaiteh: Let people know that it is safe with safety rules and trained guides to assist our visitors. The operators' instructions should be adhered to. The dream park is better than going to the beach. You come here and go home happy. The prices will eventually be affordable if government would reduce our electricity consumption cost. No one should be afraid to come to the DreamPark it is a good place to drive out stress and allow children to be play in an educationally beneficial manner.