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Ebola Update

Nov 10, 2014, 10:12 AM

Latest report on Ebola death toll is 4,950 deaths and 13, 241 registered infections.

Weekly incidence falling in Liberia, rising in Sierra Leone, stable in Guinea, said WHO.

China will send 1000 health workers, equipment and medicines to the Ebola-hit countries.

Already Cuba has sent 365 medical doctors and nurses.

Russia has sent equipment, medicines and a dozen of doctors and nurses to Guinea.

President Obama pledges US$6.2 to combat Ebola.

The European Union has already pledged US$1.3 billion.

African Union to send 1000 health workers, equipment and medicines.

Last Friday special players held against Ebola in all mosques.

All joins force with the private sector in Africa to set up US$ 28.5 million Ebola crisis fund.