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Drive carefully

Aug 6, 2012, 11:55 AM

The lessons learnt from the recent heavy downpour in and around the Greater Banjul Area are that both drivers and passengers should exercise extra caution, when driving on our slippery roads.

Passengers should not hesitate to call the attention of drivers, when they are running at high speed.

We need not remind people of the tragedies that visited people in many parts of the country, when vehicles are involved in accidents, especially during the rainy season, resulting in the loss of lives.

We have said, in previous articles, that when such a situation happens, drivers should reduce their speed or stop completely until such a time that the rainstorm ceases.

The clever style of driving is a game of passing, as you should study prognosis situations.

It is desirable to catch the rhythm of traffic, and avoid unnecessary increasing of speed on the roads.

Those who sharply increase speed, and then sharply stop, double fuel expense and can cause accidents.

You should remember that the bigger the capacity of the engine, the more fuel expenditure for a particular vehicle. And if you drive a car hard, its fuel expense will double.

The main rule of economical traffic is to avoid unnecessary slowing down. You should control the traffic situation.

It has been proven that a driver, who drives a car at the highest speed on the line; who makes dangerous passing, will not win time by comparison with a car which goes within the permitted speed limit.

Also check pressure in tyres, and you will be surprised that you drive on lose tyres.

For driving at high speed, car producers recommend to increase pressure in tyres.

This is the best way for economical driving.