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Defence opens case in D1.5m fraud trial

May 6, 2010, 2:13 PM | Article By: Dawda Faye

Saihou Trawally, arraigned earlier at the Kanifing Magistrates' Court along with Amadou Bailo Camara, for fraudulently obtaining D1.5 million from one Kemo Dibasy, opened his defence on 4 May 2010 before Magistrate Drammeh.

In his testimony, Mr. Trawally told the court that he lives in Tallinding and he is businessman. He adduced that it was on a Friday, when he was coming from Brikama, that he came across the complainant at Tabokoto, who asked him to help him remove his vehicle tyre. He said that the complainant had told him that he came from the provinces.

He further narrated that the complainant also told him that he wanted some animal skins, and had discussed the matter with a Fula man. And then testified that the complainant did ask him whether they could jointly do business, but he replied that he has no money.

Mr. Trawally stated further that the complainant gave him his telephone number, and they agreed to meet at Churchill's Town. One day, he went on testifying, the police had called him to meet them at the Buffer Zone, where he was asked to go with them to Kairaba Police Station.

The prosecuting officer, Inspector Mballow, during cross-examination, asked the witness (Fula man), who had discussed with the complainant. He replied that he does not know him.

"Did you receive any favours for the complainant, after helping him to fix his tyre?" Inspector Mballow asked.

"No," the accused replied.

It was then put to him that he (Trawally) first met the complainant at Palma Rima, where he used some liquid to wash some black papers to produce some Gambian currencies, which he vehemently denied.

"Part of the black currencies were mixed with genuine currencies," Inspector Mballow further told the accused.

"That is not correct," he replied.

Inspector Mballow again put it to him that in order to double the money, he (Trawally) asked the complainant to produce some powder and liquid to make more money.

Mr. Trawally said he never did so.

Still under cross-examination, Mr. Trawally also denied that the complainant gave him D1.5 million, and that he absconded.

"Amadou Bailo Jallow led the police to arrest you at the Buffer Zone," Inspector Mballow further challenged him.

"I met Amadou Bailo Jallow at the police," was his answer.

"The three of you conspired and fraudulently took D1.5 million from the complainant," Inspector Mballow again put it to him.

"That is not true," the accused told the court.

The case was then adjourned to 19th May 2010, for continuation of the hearing.