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Coco Ocean Hotel dragged to Industrial Tribunal

Sep 8, 2011, 12:51 PM | Article By: Dawda Faye

Lamin Fadera, former employee of Coco Ocean Hotel, on 5th September 2011 sued his former employer at the Industrial Tribunal for wrongful dismissal.

The plaintiff, Lamin Fadera, claimed recovery of D200, 000 being the amount due for unlawful dismissal and damage for breach of contract. Interest of 25% was also claimed by the plaintiff and costs.

According to the particulars of claim, the plaintiff was an employee of the defendant.

The plaintiff claimed that he started his work with the defendant since November 2003, and was wrongfully dismissed by the defendant on 28th April 2010.

Lamin Fadera further claimed that the reason for his dismissal was because he was accused of stealing 100 Pounds Sterling from a safe which was owned by two guests in the room he was monitoring.

The plaintiff would not deny that he had a key to the room, but said he did not have the key to the safe.

Fadera said in his claim that he was accused of stealing the money and they did not have any proof that he was the thief, because he did not have access to the key to the safe.

The particulars of claim further stated that the plaintiff swore to the Holy Qur’an and the Managing Director told him that he was insulting him for mentioning the Qur’an in his presence, and then asked him to go back to his post.

The plaintiff continued to claim that after sending him back to his post, the managing director later sent one of the receptionists to tell him that he should go home.

He said he was asked on two occasions to go home, according to his claim. He further claimed that he later received his termination letter.

Lawyer Anna Njie represented the defendant.

The case was adjourned till 12th September 2011 for hearing.