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Black African Music and Society

Mar 31, 2009, 7:23 AM | Article By: Njie Baldeh

The world has change a lot and so is the music especially Africa music. Africans have meaningfully continued contributing to music in the likes of Jaliba Kuyateh, Youssou Ndure, I know you want me to name more, of course Lucky Dube who was killed in cold blood, Bob Marley and many more.

Those in the Senegambia region continue to strive assiduously to entertain and amuse society. Through their songs man is educated and man follows the meaning of such songs. Society and Development bumped into a Senegambian reggae artist, Aliou Badara Diallo singing in Mandinka, Wollof, Fulla, English and French and has animal interest and vowed to help them since they too need help.

Follow the interview and see the power of Senegambian music.

Black African Positive is a reggae band that plays a specific kind of reggae, ranging from Dance Hall, Acoustics and Afro Music. It was set up on 11th May 1991, on a mythic and symbolic day when the world commemorates Bob Marley's death. Aliou Badara Diallo a.k.a. "Lune" song writer and lead vocalist hails from Ziguinchor South of Senegal was born on 24th November 1976 but his interest lies in The Gambia.

The band has since its birth shown an unswerving commitment to noble causes as illustrated by its remarkable performances in the sub-region, sensitising on malaria, drug, AIDS, with lots of concerts in favour of peace restoration or in favour of Ziguinchor's prisoners and cares for animals.

He has on a regular basis broadcast reggae emissions on radios and televisions. As usual of musical bands, founding members have each gone different ways leaving Aliou who then rebuilt the band in 2002.

He firstly welcomed Mariama Kouyateh alias "The Voice," a direct heir of traditional Mandinka singer. As if all was predestined Ousman Saine alias "Fadou," son of a famous "jembe" drummer. Abdoulie Ndiaye alias "Peuthio" joins the group in turn, in 2007 the band was strengthened by the arrival of Djibril Kane alias "Kawsarafall." In 2008, Djiby alias "Gibson" brings in his rich experience from his former DJ job.

In 2008, the band recorded its first album known as "It's my Nation," in which the Senegambian languages are seen at work, including French, English, Wollof, Jola, Mandinka containing fourteen titles involving reggae, acoustic and Afro beat. The second clip "Kaara Dindy," was shot in Guinea in the hilly frontiers where ethnicity and mysticism keep their strongest meanings. The song talks about a traditional Mandinka song that deals with the story of disowned dictator king. In 2008, there was a national launching of the album at the CheikhAntaDiopUniversity in Dakar. Aliou met Aziz Royal Philosopher in Basse, in a show organised by their common friend Sam, was earlier on thrilled by Aliou in Dakar. Aziz introduced Aliou to the Holy Family Band and he accepted the Gambia tour.

This young reggae artist has contact with many prominent artists and is poised to help build Gambian music calling it Senegambian music. He has played in many places in The Gambia and Senegal, was on the Fatou Show and has been on stage with Lamine Ndiaye the two drama icons, Lama and Modou Musa. He has performed in different part of the continent including France where he thrilled FM net- radio IS75 (Indies Sabotage 75).

Aliou Badara Diallo alias LUNE, is poised to assist society by improving on music with his counterparts in The Gambia to put Senegambian music on the world market. He also intends to help animals of the Gambia. These include dogs, horses, and donkeys, cows cats and more from the proceeds of his Band's performance. "Society cannot do without animals, it is therefore good for some of us to help such animals," he said. He further invites donations to help him help these animals. He will be performing at Alliance Franco-Gambienne on 4th April 2009. His premiere album will be given free of charge on that day to support poor animals of the Gambian society.