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BIACCU holds 9th AGM

May 21, 2012, 2:46 PM | Article By: Abdoulie Nyockeh

The Banjul International Airport Co-operative Credit Union (BIACCU) last Thursday held its 9th Annual General Meeting at the Old Airport Terminal.

At the meeting Babucarr Fatty was retained as the chairman of the credit union while the public relations officer, Alhagie Jeng and Edrisa Gassama the treasurer, were also maintained.

At the end of the day members came to consensus to retain them, which prevents the board from going into election of new board members despite their term limitations.

Board members at the forum agreed to amend the law and allow them to continue serving the union for another three-year term in the best interest of the union.

In his report at the event, Baboucarr Fatty, chairperson of BIACCU, said the forum would give members the opportunity to scrutinize, review and adopt the various reports that would be put before them.

According to him, the forum also gave the executive the opportunity to highlight the achievements they have registered, challenges encountered, and map out the way forward.

Membership of the union, he said, has grown from 977 in 2010 to 1033 in 2011 thus representing an annual growth rate of 6 %. Savings on the other hand grew from GMD 9,483.722 in 2010 to GMD 11,250.950 in 2011 representing a growth of 19%.

Speaking to reporters at the end of the AGM, Mr  Fatty explained he has been on the board chairman for six years, saying the bi-law is saying that if “you serve for one term which is two years,therefore another re-election but if you serve for six years, there is no way you can serve in the board,unless the board change the constitution in the sense that it is not accepted in the bi-law, and that what is exactly happened at the AGM.

Mr Fatty further hailed the board members for the confidence bestowed on them to serve for another third term.

Mr Fatty, who has also been re-elected as the chairperson of NACCUG to serve the union for another term, assured union members that the new executive will live up to expectations. However they need the support of the general members to take the credit union to higher heights, he said.

Also speaking to reporters, Sulayman Jabang, the vice chairman of the credit union, described the forum as very participatory and members showed maturity in re-appointing competent members to serve the union for another third term for the union.

The public relations officer of the union, Alhagie Jeng, expressed delight to be re-appointed as the PRO.

The decision of the general assembly of the credit union in voting the right members to lead the union will further strengthen them to redouble their effort in taking the union higher heights.

“With the support of the general assembly this credit union will live up to expectations,” Mr Jeng said.