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Alleged burglary and theft case continues

Sep 25, 2013, 11:41 AM | Article By: Isatou Senghore-Njie

The second prosecution witness (PW2), Ousainou Nicole, Monday testified in the trial involving Abdou Aziz Camara at the Kanifing Magistrates’ Court before Magistrate Tabally.

Abdou Aziz Camara was accused of conspiracy, housebreaking and stealing alongside Borry Janneh and Ebrima Bah, who were reported to be at large.

PW2 told the court that he knew the accused, Abdou Aziz Camara, as his friend and knew Borry Janneh and Ebrima Bah, 3rd and 4th accused respectively.

Nicole said he also knew one Amie Jack (the complainant), adding that on 17 September 2013, they were at the compound gate of the accused person opposite the complainant’s compound brewing china green tea.

He said the accused told them the complainant is a business woman and deals in jewellery, adding that after some time they saw the complainant going out onboard her vehicle.

When the complainant left, the accused led them to the house where three of them jumped over the fence, while Borry Janneh, the third accused, remained outside.

They entered into the house and the accused went into the bedroom and left two of them at the sitting room disconnecting the laptops, and later they also went and met the accused in the bedroom, he said.

The accused was having jewellery box and two Samsung Galaxy phones, he stated, adding that he had the two laptops and gave Ebrima Bah the two Galaxy phones and they left the house with the items and went to an old building which was about 200 metres away from the complainant’s house to know the content of the box.

He said the accused broke the box and they found some jewellery together with some documents.

The jewelleries were bangles, chains, ear-rings and finger-rings and they took the said jewelleries to the Serrekunda Market to sell and they were told by the blacksmith that the jewelleries were gold, he added.

He said they sold one bangle to him and they went to a house near the market where they shared the rest of the jewelleries.

PW2 disclosed that the accused gave each of them five bangles and he (PW2) took one Galazy phone and the accused took the other one and gave Ebrima one laptop and the other one was given to Borry, adding that the accused took greater part of the items.

He added that they all went home and he later left for Senegal where he sold his share and when he returned, he heard that the accused was arrested by the police, adding that he was later arrested and taken to the major crime unit in Banjul.

Nicole further adduced that he led the police to where the jewellery box was broken and they found the said box with the documents, and his statement was recorded at the police station.

Hearing continues.