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AGYCOD poised to promote education

Jun 2, 2011, 12:55 PM | Article By: Lamin Darboe

The Public Relations Officer of the Association of Gunjur Youth for Community Development (AGYCOD), Nuha Barrow, has reaffirmed his association’s commitment to promoting education in the country.

In an interview with reporters recently, Nuha Barrow said the association is a legally registered group aimed at engaging in developmental activities that are of interest to the community, such as agriculture, health, education and sport.

“The community has since benefited from a series of campaigns like Malaria sensitization, HIV and AIDS sensitization workshop, reproductive health, regular cleansing exercises as well as radio talk shows on drug abuse and teenage pregnancy,” he noted. ‘We believe the establishment of a library will complement our efforts in raising community awareness.”

He added that the organisation was allocated a plot of land by the Alkalo and Elders in the community to build a library for the students. “The Alkalo appreciates the need for education for the over 5000 students in Gunjur Village, which motivated them to give us the place,” he said, adding: “The structure belongs to the community in general and since it was lying idle we thought it a good idea to establish a library for the promotion of education for the youth in the community.”

Mr Barrow maintained that the project, upon successful completion, would go a long way in complementing the efforts of the national library whilst leading to an immense improvement in the reading culture of the people.

He lamented the lack of furniture and reading materials as a major constraint for the association aiming at promoting education in the coastal village.

The needed books, according to him, are given according tothe needs and standard of schools, which included those for students in the middle, senior and tertiary institutions, for example, Maths, Science, English, Social and Environmental Studies, and novels.

Mr Barrow appeals to the private sector, donors, philanthropists, and individuals to come to their aid to attain their dreams and aspirations.