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Africell FC coach blames players for team’s relegation

Aug 2, 2011, 2:16 PM | Article By: Cherno Omar Bobb

Ebrima Jallow, head coach of Africell FC, has cast blame on his players for the team’s relegation to the second division admitting that the players lack respect and commitment.

Jallow, who himself played for Africell during his active footballing career, said: “75% of the players lack respect for authority given the fact that respect was totally missing in the setup.

“I think the reason is that the players know that whether they play good or not, they would be paid for their services (salary) at the end of the day.”

 Jallow, who could not hide his disappointment  about Africell’s relegation, has vowed the club would put a heavy punishing on any player who misbehaved and warned that indiscipline would no longer be tolerated in the team.

“We will take drastic measures and get rid of most of these players by welcoming the youngsters from the naweetan, who will  be willing to sacrifice for the team and not just to collect their salary at the end of the month,” Jallow, also known as Bura, said.

Jallow also argued that if the right players were used by the technical staff in the first round, as it happened in the second round, something could be achieved by the club at the end of the campaign.

“We collected two draws and three wins in the second round but in the first round, we only collected a single win with two draws, which shows that if we had collected the same points in the first round as we did in the second round we could have been in a better position to avoid the drop today,” he said.

The angry Jallow also blamed goalkeeper Ebrima Jarju for conceded what he described as a very bad goal for the second time since his terrible mistake in Africell’s defeat to Real De Banjul recently.

“We have learnt that some of our players did not want to play but just to collect something at the end of the day but before we notice it, it was already late,” he lamented.

Lamin Jammeh, head coach of Interior FC, said it was a good game as both teams played well during the game, noting that both teams knew their positions prior to the game.

 “We had a bad first round but we bounced back in the second round and started picking up points on the way but the first round was bad and that is what cost us our relegation to the second division league today,” Jammeh said.