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Abundance fund to support girls' education

Sep 6, 2010, 1:46 PM

According to a press release issued to this paper yesterday, The Abundance Fund is pleased to announce its new request for proposals for 2010. The statement reads:

"We will be focusing exclusively on girls' education in The Gambia. Only local (Gambian) organizations and individuals may apply. The deadline for applications is October 10, 2010."

According to Musa Bassadi Jawara, Abundance Fund Board Member:

"It is in line with our mission statement: Helping the world's poor realise the power of their own potential. The Abundance Fund is shifting gears to girls' education after a-year long campaign addressing the plight of the rural poor in selected localities in The Gambia. The tremendous success recorded here, necessitated the commissioning of a new campaign to be directed exclusively on girls' education in The Gambia."

The organization is encouraging interested parties to visit their website www.abundancefund.org and click on Abundance Fund RFP and contact Kevin Warr, Executive Director on Tel: +1-415-816-2215, U.S.A. The Abundance Fund for more details.