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A Phone Worth Having

Jan 12, 2010, 2:17 PM

Qcell the latest GSM operator in the country has just launched its newest product known as the "Muslim Phone".

According to officials of the company, the mobile phone can be used in every part of the world, by just clicking on the country's name and being connected to the prayer times there.

The Muslim Phone, as the name implies, reminds Muslims of their five daily prayers by calling them to prayer whenever the time is up.

This will no doubt help Muslims to know the exact time of prayer, and not to miss their five daily prayers.

Indeed, with this kind of facility at hand, users should not now complain of missing prayers.

We, therefore, encourage Muslims to make good use of the facility by grabbing the "Muslim phone".

We hail the management of Qcell for introducing the technology to Muslims in the country.

In fact, the new information communication technology would go a long way in strengthening practise of the Islamic faith in The Gambia, by ensuring that users of the Qcell phone pray on time.

The Muslim Phone costs D750 and is being promoted as the cheapest mobile phone in its class.

Market observers agree that its cost is reasonable and affordable, compared to other cell phones in the country.