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2nd accused gave me cocaine to sell - witness tells court

May 19, 2010, 12:19 PM | Article By: Sainey M.K. Marenah

The second prosecution witness, Ousman Jatta, in the ongoing trial involving the former Executive Director of the National Drug Enforcement Agency, Ibrahim Bun Sanneh, and four others, has revealed that he was given cocaine for sale by the ex-Deputy Director of NDEA, Karamo Bojang, who is also the second accused person.

Mr. Jatta was testifying yesterday at the High Court in Banjul before Justice Emmanuel Amadi.

The witness, who told the court that he is shopkeeper by profession and a resident of Brufut, said he recognised the 1st, 2nd and 3rd accused persons.

According to PW2, in 2009, his wife knew a woman by the name Amie Njie, working at the National Drug Enforcement Agency (NDEA).

"The said Amie Njie used to come to my compound, and introduced me to the 2nd accused, Karamo Bojang," the witness told the court.

"I gave cooking oil and a bag of rice to the said Amie Njie to take to Karamo Bojang. After a while, I received a call from the 2nd accused, after which we met, opposite Sheraton Hotel and he (Karamo) informed me that he was involved in a business with certain people namely, Manjang Janko," he told the court.

He further adduced that the 2nd accused told him that whenever he gives goods to Manjang Janko, he (Manjang) failed to give him his money back.

"It was then the 2nd accused further told me that he wanted to do business with me," the witness revealed.

Asked by the chief prosecutor what type of business it was, the witness replied "it was to sell drugs (cocaine) and he (2nd accused) told him that the cost of one kilo of cocaine is D600,000."

Adducing further, PW2 told the court that the 2nd accused also told him that "if he receives a kilo of cocaine, he should prepare fake cocaine by using flour with the assistance of Ike and Emeka to make the fake cocaine."

"The first kilo of cocaine given to me, I sold it at D600, 000 and gave him the proceeds, opposite Sheraton Hotel. After giving him the money, three months later, I received a call from the second accused, who gave me another kilo of cocaine, and I used the same procedure, by calling people like Ike and Emeka," he testified.

He said, whenever the 2nd accused gave him cocaine, he (2nd accused) always tells him that the 1st accused (Bun) was always in a hurry, as he was about to travel.

"I sold a half kilo of cocaine to one Tijan Jallow at D400, 000 and gave the said money to Karamo Bojang, stating that "the following day Tijan Jallow came and informed me that what I sold to him was less than a kilo and, therefore, wanted his money back," Mr. Jatta told a crowded court room.

"I told Tijan Jallow that I cannot refund him his money and Tijan told me that if I don't give him back his money, he will report me to the National Drug Enforcement Agency," the witness added.

Still testifying, the witness intimated to the court that he received a call from the third accused, Ousman Sanneh, the Operation Commander of NDEA, to report at the NDEA office, and that he complied.

"Upon arrival at the third accused's office, I was instructed by the 3rd accused to go with him to the office of the 2nd accused person, and the 2nd accused suggested that they cannot discuss the matter in his office," he stated.

"Then we went to Bund Road in Banjul with Ousman Sanneh with the following people: Tijan Jallow, Momodou Musa Ceesay and Ebou Lolly. At the initial stage, all the above mentioned persons were present," he said.

He adduced that "it was there that the third accused asked me to pay the money immediately or in the alternative to give the full kilo toTijan Jallow."

He said he told the 3rd accused person that he didn't have any money to pay the said Tijan Jallow. "I told the third accused the only way I can pay Tijan Jallow was to give my tittle deed to him (Tijan), and I handed over my title deed to Tijan Jallow, opposite Serrekunda Police Station," he told the court.

"I telephoned the third accused telling him that I handed over my title deed to Tijan Jallow," the witness further stated.

He told the Banjul high court that he gave the balance of the half kilo of cocaine to one Pa Dodou to sell, but unfortunately he was arrested. "I also sold the remaining cocaine at the sum of D200, 000," he stated.

"Then I called one Amie Njie, who works at NDEA, and told her that I want to see the second accused. I went with the said Amie to the residence of the second accused, and I handed the said remaining balance to the 2nd accused, while the said Amie Njie was in the house of one of the wives of the second accused."

He said when Pa Dodou was confronted with drugs, he threw it into the kitchen of his wife, and as a result his wife was also arrested.

According to him, his wife and Pa Dodou were then taken to court at the Banjul Magistrates' Court.

When further asked by DPP Richard N Chenge where the cocaine came from, the witness replied that the 2nd accused told him that "somebody from Bissau had brought them."

The case was then adjourned to Monday 24th May 2010,.