Monday, November 06, 2017

Mr. President, since your government is set to promote democracy, freedom of expression and rule of law, GRTS as the only national TV station in The Gambia  should not be monopolized. All political parties should have access to GRTS, notably to cover their rallies, press conferences and press releases. It is the duty of the director general and his staff to edit any statement that could be detrimental to the nation. We need responsible journalism.

Mr. President, talking about national unity, leaders of the coalition especially you and Halifa Sallah should try and enter into dialogue to avoid any discomfort relations. As human beings, we always disagree and agree, it’s not good to be exposing the policy of each other and as politicians, you should always try to be speaking issues affecting the daily lives of the citizenry and to bring unity and understanding among the citizenry.

Mr. President, We remember you saying that you had signed an agreement of a three years transition with the coalition team, but according to the constitution, you are elected for five years. We would like you to clear the air to avoid further misunderstanding in the near future.

Taking President Macky Sall for example in 2012, when he was campaigning to reduce the presidential term from 7 to 5 years but he was told by judges of the constitutional court that it couldn’t be possible, because he was elected for seven years by the electorate.It was after the referendum in 2016 that it was approved and presidential term should be five years, renewable once.

Mr.President, with the process of political reforms, we should adhere to two terms of five years and presidential candidate could be elected only if he or she wins with 51%.

Finally Mr. President your main challenge still is the electricity and water supply in the country.  Your government should try and work all round the clock to get a solution of this 40 years crisis of electricity supply.  The issues of transport still needs attention as drivers are now charging two to three fares to passengers before they can reach their destination.

The Ministry of Transport, transport union, and the security authorities should work hand-in-glove to tackle this problem. Your government should also try and provide more buses to help passengers; workers and students plying the Banjul - Brikama highway to be able to reach their destinations on time and back.

Good Day Mr. President