Monday, October 23, 2017

Mr President, while most Gambians are still grateful to your administration for ushering in freedom and the rule of law, after more than two decades of totalitarianism and wanton corruption, there are still a few grey areas that need to be urgently addressed.  These, of course, include the trending question of who is the “anonymous philanthropist” that supplied you with 57 brand new vehicles for the members of the National Assembly.

Some of the other areas that need to be revisited include the large number of so-called “Ambassadors-at-Large” as well as the criteria used in choosing your advisers.

While it has been clarified that the Ambassadors-at-Large do not receive any financial remunerations, the very fact that they have been engaged by the government means that they will enjoy certain privileges, some of which have some financial or economic implications.  It is still not quite clear to many people as to why your government chose to engage such an unprecedented large number of Ambassadors-at-Large when their use is hardly visible to anybody.

Mr President, on the question of your advisers, people are wondering what criteria had been used in choosing them. Many people have questioned the specific qualifications that your advisers possessed to qualify them to be chosen as advisers in areas such as competence, and not political affiliations.

Mr President, we have learnt of The Gambia government signing a US$45 million Murabaha Financing Agreement with the International Islamic Trade Finance Corporation (ITFC) to boost the country’s energy sector.  Yes, the energy sector needs to be boosted but our concern is the loans The Gambia government is signing.  Please think wisely before we start accumulating debts beyond our earnings.

Have a nice day Mr President