YVE, NEA on effect of Lead Paint

Monday, August 27, 2018

Young Volunteers for the Environment (YVE) in collaboration with the National Environment Agency (NEA) last week conducted a sensitization to raise peoples’ awareness on the effects of lead paint.

According to findings conducted on solvent-based paints, 24 out of 39 analysis shows that 62% of paints were lead (contain lead concentrations of above 90 percent per million).

Mamadou Jama Sawanneh, executive director of the NEA said lead paint is infused with chemicals that can cause pollution through wind and water and can accumulate from one piece to another with potential to cause high blood pressure.

He said YVE developed an idea to sensitise people on the dangers of such paint through a manual that they use to sensitize youth who would later volunteer to go into the communities for sensitization. “These chemicals can be harmful so YVE is trying to save the generation from dying of heart attack due to lead paint.”

Omar Bah, registrar of pesticides said lead is categorized in group three chemicals, saying there is no specific regulation that can categorize lead.

He said they are willing to collaborate with NEA and other private sectors to help the people using lead paint that contain lead chemicals.

Representing the director of public health services, Lamin F.D. Fadera said lead could lead to anemia, which, he said, is common especially in pregnant women, which can lead to its transmission to their unborn babies. “Let us all become aware that most of the warning symbols on the products only indicate the flammability of the paints but no precautionary warnings on the effects.”

Author: Sanna Jallow