Youth Forum: Sotouma youth venturing in agricultural cultivation, marketing

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Ebrima Janko, a youth from Sotuma, a village in the Upper River Region, is actively embarking in both agricultural production and marketing of food crops such as groundnuts, coos and millet, creating himself an enterprise that can bring self-employment and the creation of jobs.

A former Global Youth Innovation Network (GYIN) - Gambia award winner and proprietor of Janko’s Enterprise, Ebrima also playing a middleman role between farmers and wholesalers.

As a young man, he gained popularity at Lumos (weekly local markets) because of the quality of his products. He does not only stop at growing crops but goes the extra mile to sell wide range of commodities to meet his customers demand.

Janko has a motor bike and two freezers one of which is used by his wife to sell water and local beverages while he sell frozen chicken to the surrounding communities.

According to Janko, the motor bike is his mean of transportation to reach out to farmers, wholesalers and to the Lumos.  As part of his business expansion, he also involves in the rearing of small ruminants.

Janko’s passion for business started when he lost his father at an early age and being the eldest son of his family coupled with the responsibility of taking care of the family needs.

He revealed that his business is now paying more dividends after selling his products.

‘‘Crop cultivation and marketing have immensely improved my living condition and also created employment for me. I also cater for my needs through cultivation and food crop marketing and I will continue to venture into the practice to uplift my family,’’ he said.

He challenged young people to venture into cultivation and marketing of food crops to improve their lives rather than involving in social vices.

He also appealed to the government, the private sector, donors and philanthropists to support youth to engage in farming to better their living condition.

Source-proprietor Janko’s Enterprise