Youth Forum: Kambie Bolong Youths ready to tackle problems facing youth

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Members of Kambie Bolong Youth Development Association has announced their readiness to stand hard-on in tackling some of the problems the country’s young people are currently facing including the creation of suitable platforms for them to excel and contribute to national development.

The youth-led association was formed in June 2011 and legally registered at the Attorney General’s Chambers  with 30 members.

Its programmes include advocacy and enterprise development.

“We will be responsible for this country’s change legacy and to shape the world in the positive direction that will support our communities and give other youth the opportunity they deserve,” Babucarr E Camara, a member of the association said.

He said these and many other reasons motivated them to organise themselves to create Kambie Bolong Youth Development Association

Mr. Camara said they target to empower, inform and enlighten young people by making their voices heard.

The group has a vision to cerate a society where young people are well informed of the issues affecting their development and involve them in finding means to remedy such situations.

It also has a mission to inform and actively involve youth in social development agendas and engage them in community activities.

In the past, the group has organised symposia, speeches, training programmes and cleaning exercises.

The enterprise group has recently made bars of soaps using ‘moringa’ and were sold to the community at a relatively cheaper price.

To tackle youth unemployment, the group said it is preparing its members for sustainable entrepreneurship training.

Mr. Camara said they will appreciate funding from individuals and institutions for their  training programmes to help young people.

“We have also established Kambie Bolong Girls in Business which aims to pave the way for girls to become job creators rather than job seekers” Mr Camara said.