Youth Forum: IYF renders humanitarian services to Gambian Youth

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Issued: Tuesday 27 March 2018

 Director of International Youth Fellowship said his organisation has rendered several humanitarian services to Gambian young people during the period of their presence in the country.

Wookjin Oe said the International Youth Fellowship – IYF- is a charitable organisation founded in 1995 taking up the challenge to give positive changes and to response to the growing and alarming global societal problems.

International Youth Fellowship has their global headquarter in Seoul, South Korea and in Accra, Ghana as their West Africa headquarters. The fellowship has been leading the way in providing education. “IYF has been offering mind lectures in many parts of the world including Africa since 2001.”

According to Mr. Oe, in 2012, more than 30 ministers from 20 countries attended the world Youth Ministers forum in South Korea. “We later realised the importance of mind education and presented a joint statement after discussing a practical cooperation plan which led to the official establishment of the International Mind Education Institute –IMEI- in 2013 to provide professional mind education training,” he said. 

He said International Mind Education Institute is a global interdependent body of IYF that works toward leadership nurturing or practical solutions of societal problems through well planned training to form leaders   or administrators to lead their audience efficiently for a sound mind and heart character development.

He further pointed that IMEI offers customised mind education training for various groups like supervisors, principals, students, security personnel for professional and personal development.  “Such training assists trainees to have a change of mind to become more patriotic citizens and love their country more as well as embrace policies formulated towards national development.

  The training also leads the heats and mind of trainees to efficiently build better characters as make them deep thinkers, selfless, confident and world changers’’,. He said.

The mind education training provides the clear analysis of the heart, desire self-control, isolation, wisdom and the world of the heart. Such training equips the trainees with the requisite skills to propose solutions to their colleagues who may be confused and experiencing conflicts in their hearts in a rapidly changing world with intense competitions.

He said it is important to note that the participation of every citizen in ensuring successful implementation of government policies and initiatives is crucial and this is possible through the commitment   of every one to the principles   of nationalism.

The objectives of MEST include the preparation of the mind of trainees to promote self- discipline and guides them to lead effective manner for a happy life, strengthens the mind of trainees in order to be able to overcome difficult during the execution of their duties and responsibilities and help trainees to understand and be understood to make human interaction easier and more meaningful.

Author: Abdoulie Nyockeh
Source: Picture: Wookjin Oe director of International Youth Fellowship