Youth Forum: GYIN, Citizens United to tackle Irregular Migration

Tuesday, March 06, 2018

The Global Youth Innovation Network (GYIN)-Gambia and Citizens United in Switzerland have signed a two-year Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to deliver programmes that would help in reducing the rate of irregular migration in The Gambia through awareness raising and entrepreneurial training programmes for returnees and their families.

The signing ceremony was held at GYIN Gambia secretariat in Churchill’s Town on Wednesday and was preceded by a tour to some of GYIN Gambia intervention sites in the rural areas.

Mamadou Edrisa Njie, executive director of GYIN-Gambia signed the agreement on behalf of his organisation while Ms. Ida Panneh, representative of Citizens United in The Gambia signed on behalf of her organisation. The event celebrated the future work of the two “like-minded” partners.

“We hope this collaboration will be a success story, and I assured Citizens United that the collaboration is a right thing for us to do”, said Director Njie.

He said they are happy to enter into an agreement with Citizens United as their newest partner because they share similar mission-poverty eradication. “We are confident that the two years programmes on irregular migration, entrepreneurship and information and communication technology trainings will be beneficiary to the returnees based on our past experiences working with rural youths”, stated Njie.

GYIN-Gambia, according to Njie, has supported the formation of Youth Against Irregular Migration (YAIM) and for The Gambian Returnees from the Backway (GRB) on poultry farming.

Representative of the Citizens United (CU) in The Gambia, Ms. Ida Panneh said Citizens United operates to bridge the gap between migrants and citizens, between the rich and the poor, between self-interest and social responsibilities, between literacy and illiteracy, the skilled and the unskilled.

“Our work is geared towards diminishing illegal/irregular migration from developing countries (Africa) advocate for a solution to the human rights abuses in transit destinations while simultaneously tackling the challenges of integration in Switzerland,” she stated.

She added that the signing of the MoU between her NGO and GYIN Gambia is a clear testimony that both parties have taken irregular migration as a concern.

She commended GYIN Gambia for championing the fight against irregular migration by forming returnees into associations and also working with the returnees on programmes that would improve their livelihoods and enhance their personal development.

“One good example of us (Citizens United) having confident to work with GYIN Gambia, is that they’re supporting Gambian returnees from Libya and Niger and for us, our programmes focuses on migration”, said Ms. Panneh.

According to Ms. Panneh, the two years agreement will be centered on migration programmes, entrepreneurship training as well as other developmental programmes which will all work towards addressing irregular migration in the country.

Author: Lamin Darboe
Source: Picture: Officials at signing ceremony