YOUTH FORUM: Gimindar Youth Development Association celebrates 2nd Anniversary

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Gimindar Youth Development Association (GYDA) over the weekend celebrated their second year anniversary in Gunjur through the organisations of a seminar under the theme: “Together we stand the chance to develop our community”.

The Association has since its inception been engaged in numerous developmental activities in the community, ranging from dilapidated road and street rehabilitations to create easy transportation.

The group of young people took it upon themselves to manage waste at dumpsites as a way of keeping the environment clean with periodic clean-up exercises at the Gunjur central mosque, market and health centre.

GYDA believes that for a progressive and smooth development of any community, an inclusive approach to problems would ease the burden on the central government, which could not do it alone.

And as such, they feel the need to play their quota in nation-building, driven by love for country without expecting any form of remuneration.

Kalilu Bojang, who spoke on the importance of environmental health, underscored that prevention from diseases could be achieved through a healthy environment.

Mr. Bojang said taking care of stagnant water during rainy season, managing running water ways and regular clearing and cleaning of the immediate environments would go a long way in promoting environmental health as well as healthy living.

Meanwhile, 150 young ladies, early school leavers who are without formal education, returnees and youth within the ages of 18 - 35 years are recruited as part of the International Labor Organization (ILO) and Gambia Government Employment Creation for Sustainable Peace Project.

According to the project, young people will be train in Do-Nou Technology a Japanese Technology in Road Construction and Maintenance using locally available resources.

Author: Lamin Darboe