Youth Forum: Dr. Ayzer launches book “Youth challenge: believe”

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

A book, titled: Youth Challenge: Believe by The Great Gambia project giving back to the youth has been recently launched at Senegambia Beach hotel at Kololi.

The book was written to help youth to reposition themselves and hope for a better future, clear speculations on their problems and lack of faith and beliefs. “The Gambia is small and can make a difference. We believe in setting Africa behind and God chose young people to transform our continent,” the author Dr. Abraham Ayzer was quoted at the launching.

Dr. Ayzer said the objective of publishing the book is to awaken the greatness within the Gambian youth and setting up a social business fund for economic empowerment and making 1000 millionaires by 2020.

He said he came to the Gambia in 2002, answering the call of God but having a little notion about the country.

“My generation and the preceding ones have wasted some opportunities of giving back to our nation. The greater Gambia project is here to assist young people to create greater and transformational leaders who will believe that everything is possible,” Ayzer said.

He said Gambia is great, and the word and every circumstance around it is great, saying very important decisions for ‘you’ is ultimately what you believe in. He added that greatness is possible to him who believes that everything is possible.

According to him, the problem of African youth is their loss of faith in Africa and themselves, calling that a wrong belief.  “All through history, people and nations at crossroads decide to give up, give in or dare to aspire. Africa should take the responsibility to transform through investing in youth and stepping up to the challenge.”   

The book highlighted personal transformations, giving the 7 steams of intelligence, government and governance in the life of youth and their development and helping them to see the reality and grow to be achievers.

Dr. Ayzer said the general principles of transformation, as written in the book teach that people must obey the desire and the law of believing in the ability of what they desire. “You obey the law of decision, the commitment to do the needful, obey the law of confession, to say without doubt and what you believe, and obey the law of perseverance; to pursue the desire until attainment.  

Source: Rose Zahra Gomez