Youth Forum: 11M Euro Youth Empowerment Project is Ongoing

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

The Implementation of the Eleven Million Euro Youth Empowerment Project from the European Trust Fund is ongoing.

The overall objective of this four-year project is to tackle the economic root-causes of irregular migration through increased job opportunities and income prospects for the youth.

The project has trained over one thousand (1000) youngsters in various skills within one year.

This is complemented by the Fourteen Million Dalasi (GMD 14,000,000. 00) Skills for Youth Employment Fund launched this year, which aims to equip another one thousand (1000) Gambian youths with relevant technical and vocational skills in partnership with local training institutions.

Also worth reporting is our partnership with The International Labour Organization and The Government of Japan to support the establishment of a USD 3.9 Million project on “Employment Creation for Youth to Build Sustainable Peace in The Gambia.”

The goal of this project is to promote employment opportunities for the youth through infrastructure construction, together with skills training and entrepreneurship support. Particular focus is put on women, returnees, the Diaspora and refugees.

The project is expected to employ two thousand, five hundred (2,500) young people in infrastructure construction works, and within the Agriculture, Fisheries and Tourism sectors.

Additionally, two hundred and fifty (250) youths are expected to complete skills training and receive entrepreneurship support in relation to the construction sector.

At least, 30% of the project beneficiaries would be women.”

Author: Lamin Darboe
Source: Picture: NYC Executive Director Lamin Darboe and his colleagues