Youth are major driving force in strengthening national economy

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Biran Gai, a member of Gambia Youth League has told the Youth Forum that young people are major a driving force in strengthening Gambia’s economy with their immense participation in national development. “The young generation is vibrant solicitors in all sectors of work.”

Mr. Gai reminded the government to understand that young people are essential partners in helping the state in the execution of projects and imitation of any development agenda that it wants to undertake within all sectors of its preference.

He stated that it will be a wise choice for governments to seek best ways of harnessing resourceful force in youth and transform it into resounding national benefits which, he said will be a major catalyst in ushering speedy and rapid economic development of a nation that still remain unqualified to be classified among those elite countries that are deemed as developed.

Mr. Gai revealed that it is widely conceived that integrating the young generation into social, political and economic patterns will only help to exhibit true adorations as a nation in uplifting the continent towards the realization of its dreams and placing it in a more developed position within the global spectrum.

He further revealed that African leaders should provide opportunities to their youth by creating employment through industrialisation and initiating forums where they will serve as key components in offering valuable services to the state that will be in the best interest of both parties. “One thing that is worth noting is that we are being easily deceived and at times, cheaply exploited by our leaders because we always grant them such instances to manipulate us,’’ he said.

Mr. Gai lamented that resources are needed most, during elections when leaders would take advantage over the youth to help them during their electoral politics such as campaigning and other effective political services that can be offered to them to help fulfill their electoral ambitions. “I think it is time to start thinking straight and act like real liability to our countries by taking conscious approach that will not only reflect on ourselves but that of our countries.”