Young Social Entrepreneurs Network Group elects 1st executive

Monday, November 12, 2018
Young Social Entrepreneurs Network Group (YSENG); a network of Youth Empowerment (YEP) Africa project, recently held their first congress where they elected members into the Network’s new executive. The Network was created following launch of the Yepafrica Investment Fund Project in Brikama last march. Lamin K Sanneh was elected chairperson; Ramatoulie bah as vice chairperson; Lamin Sanneh as secretary and Sirah Sanyang as assistant secretary. Bakary Sanyang was elected as public relations officer and assisted by Maimuna Manneh. Amie Darboe, Mansey Jabang and Kemo Gibba were respectively elected as treasurer; auditor and logistics officer. “We must all have the organisation at heart and ensure that collectively, we can bring a change,” elected chairperson Lamin K Sanneh said while addressing the congress. He said they will remain optimistic that there is future and hope even though they will face some daunting challenges. “We all have YEP at heart and we will try our best to ensure that a lot of success is achieved during our tenure.” YEP programmes officer Lamin F. Ceesay highlighted the significance of the investment fund, saying they have been involved in series of fact findings to know the actual need of young people in order to encourage them to meaningfully engage in social and economic development of the country. “We have been involved in series of projects proposals development and building partnership connections. We don’t have much capacity but through cooperation and connections, we are able to make it easy towards the realisation of common objectives.” Operations manager, Serreh Darboe, called on the new executive to ensure that the Network remains active and operate to bring change to the lives of all the YEP members. She said young people need to be employed and that was the reason why Yepafrica came with the initiative to help develop the young committed people in the country in order to achieve their dreams. “We help young people to take the opportunities available and to work in the market because no business is small,” he said.