Young Gambian writer completes two books at Writers Residency

Tuesday, August 27, 2019

A young Gambian author, Bintou N. Sanneh has completed a set of two books within a span of six weeks at the Ebedi International Writers Residency programme held in Iseyin, Oyo State, Nigeria.

The young author was among one of the selected four young female writers from different countries who participated in the last set - June/July 2019 edition of the Ebedi International Writers Residency in Nigeria.

Recounting her experience at the Residency, she said the programme greatly exposed her to many new things in terms of writing experience, culture, social life among others.

Ebedi International Writers Residency is a private initiative programme established in 2010 to provide a comfortable and very conducive place for writers wishing to complete their works in progress without any cost attached to it. Doing about seven sessions a year, the Residency offers a six-week programme for each set with full board facility and has since its establishment hosted over hundred writers from 10 African countries, many of whom have won several local and international literary prizes.

Ms. Sanneh who recently returned to The Gambia said with the opportunity the Residency accorded her during the training programme, she was able to complete two different children’s story books namely: ‘Message To Mummy’ and ‘Why Did You Cover The Face of The Innocent’ – a poem book.

Presently, she is working on another book about her sojourn to Nigeria titled – A Trip to Nigeria. This book she said will portray her experience in Nigeria as regards to Ebedi International Writers Residency, her visits to various communities across the country, the social life, culture and skills among others.

Still on her experience at the Ebedi International Writers Residency, she disclosed that the programme has exposed her into new life and culture of writing “and as well taught me a lot of things that I have never come across.” Her other assignments at the Residency during the period involved visiting different schools in the communities to teach the young ones how to read and write and as well encourage them to learn the culture of reading. Also, she met some community leaders in Iseyin, Oyo State and in Bauchi State (in northern part of the Nigeria) where she honoured an extended invitation to attend literary festival organised by the State National Center for Arts and Culture.

Bintou commended the people of the host country for their hard work and for boosting their educational system, while applauding Ebedi International Writers Residency for a job well done especially on their plans and readiness to partner with Writers Association of The Gambia and National Centre for Arts and Culture for intertwined programmes.

Ms. Sanneh is a young activist, author and a student at the University of The Gambia; she is currently the assistant treasurer of the Writers Association of The Gambia (WAG). Her first book that is ready for publication is titled ‘Poor African Child.’

Author: Yunus S Saliu