Young Gambian cinematographer breaking boundaries

Thursday, March 01, 2018

A young Gambian creative and brilliant cinematographer with Nova Scotia Gambia Association –NSGA- is making records to reach the level of one of world’s most outstanding professional cinematographers in the name of The Gambia.

Modou Joof just returned from Dakar, Senegal where he visited Tele- Future Media (TFM), the Senegalese National Assembly, Ministry of information, the newly inaugurated airport in Dakar and a zoology park.

Mr. Joof told the Point upon his arrival that he believes that in life, nothing is impossible “so all you have to do as a youth is to believe in yourself.”

He said he is happy and grateful to Allah for blessing him to reach a higher level in his professional career, praising the efforts of Omar Leigh from Tedungal Multimedia who, he said had opened the gates and cleared the road for him to become international. “I have passion for the camera since I was young and my main target is to become a professional cameraman across the world,” he said.

Mr. Joof said he worked on many products, ranging from comedy films, local dramas, documentaries and movies. “I work with agencies like Action Aid, Nova Scotia Gambia Association and other youth organisations like the National Youth Council and the National Enterprise Development Initiative (NEDI).”

According to the young cinematographer, he has also shot video clips for artistes like Bai Babou, Shi Boy, Philanthropy, Jah Cure, Young Savage and likewise shot movies for Gambia’s young international film maker Pa Modou Cham and Franklin, a Nigerian film maker based in The Gambia.

He appealed to other young cinematographers to believe in what they are doing, respect it and put in their energy and resources to give the profession what it deserves. 

Author: Pa Modou Cham