YFA lays foundation for new Mosque at Kun-Nong Maria

Friday, May 11, 2018

The newly formed Yarbo Kunda Family Association (YFA) has recently laid the foundation stone of a new Mosque at Kun-Nong Maria village in Lower River Region’s Kiang Central District.

Chief organizer of the Association Ansumana Yarbo said the they are not only concerned about coming together to discuss the history of Yarbo but also to remind themselves that religion should come first before anything.

He explained that as Muslims, they felt it necessary to first build a Mosque in their forefathers land before commencing any other development initiatives.

Imam of Kwinella Sansango-Kono Morikebba Sabally reminded members of the Association about the importance of Mosques in Muslim communities. He called on the community of Kun-Nong Maria to use the Mosque for its purpose when completed, while appealing to members of the Association to ensure that the Mosque project is a success.

“When completed, the Mosque will not be used by Muslim worshippers in the community and its catchment communities alone but even travelers along the South bank of the road,” he added. He urged the Muslim Ummah to always try and fulfill the obligation of the mosque if they want Allah’s righteous reward and blessing, saying one cannot worship Allah if he/she lacks Quranic knowledge.

The Association’s Deputy Secretary General Foday Yarbo (jnr) described mosque as an important house for Muslim Ummah, saying they embarked on the project not for popularity but to contribute to the promotion and propagation of Islamic teachings that would benefit them in this world and hereafter.      

Author: Sheriff Janko