YEP launches Accelerated apprenticeship training program

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

The European Union funded Youth Empowerment Project (YEP), in partnership with the National Youth Service Scheme (NYSS) recently launched a project called accelerated apprenticeship training programme for youth under the ages of 18-35 targeting 150 young people across the country.

The target skills training areas of the project include plumbing, rice agronomy, tailoring, brick laying and auto-mechanic/auto Electrical. The apprenticeship programme will involve a combination of theory, training and practical for a 6-month period at NYSS.

Principal assistant secretary at the Ministry of Youth and Sport Fanding Kinteh said NYSS is one of the satellite institutions of national significance where government’s crusade for practical youth development and empowerment is carried out. “We, as a government have a moral duty and responsibility to care about our young people and address their issues as a strategy for dealing with various problems affecting them, including youth poverty resulting from many demographic, economic and social factors.”

Mr. Kinteh said unemployment, particularly among young people is a large and growing problem in many countries including The Gambia, saying creating more and better employment opportunities for young people is not only a way of poverty reduction but also an investment in our common future.

He said the youth and sports ministry sees NYSS as a place of hope for young people of the country and “we share the yearning and aspirations of our new government in their commendable drive to build a united, progressive, egalitarian, hate-free and stable nation that Gambians and the entire African continent and the world would be proud of.

Madhu Fernando from International Trade Centre said they assist small and medium sized enterprises in partner countries to become more competitive in global markets in order to contribute to sustainable economic development within the framework of the Aid-for-trade agenda and the global goal for sustainable development medium.

Emmanuel Mendy, executive director of NYSS said the project aims at supporting young people across the country for a sustainable livelihood, saying beneficiaries will be provided with all the required materials needed during the course of the training which include transport allowances among others.

Author: Momodou Jawo