Yarbo Kunda Elders move to foster stronger family ties

Friday, May 04, 2018

Elders of Yarbo Kunda clan have called members of the Yarbo Kunda Family Association (YFA) to unite and work towards strengthening stronger family clan ties in the country.

During the clan’s first Annual General Meeting in Kun-Nong Maria village in Lower River Region’s Kiang Central District, chief organiser of the event Ansumana Yarbo said the engagement was designed to foster cordial relationship among members and to accord them the opportunity to know the history of Kun-Nong Maria formerly Kun-Nong Mansasansang

“The event gives us the opportunity to discuss ways of how to revive our Yarbo Kunda culture; its origin and ways to develop our family’s native village - Kun-Nong Maria, which is the oldest village in Lower River Region.”

Alkalo of Bambako village Jerre Yarbo (Snr) advised members to always promote consultation on issues relevant to the development of the association. “We will always pray for corporation and understanding in order to achieve unity and oneness among members of the association.”

Alhajie Bakeh Yarbo and Madi Yarbo both expressed gratitude to the members of the association for coming up with such an important initiative.