Yarambamba Estate suspected thieves appear in court

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Babucarr Konateh and Gibril Colley yesterday appeared before Magistrate Omar Jabang of Brusubi Magistrates Court on charges of burglary, stealing and threatening violence.

On count one, the statement of offence burglary and the particulars of offence stated that on 27 July 2017, around 2:00 and 3:00 hours, at Yarambamba Estate in Old Yundum, the accused persons broke and entered the house of one Sarjo Badjie with intent to commit felony therein to wit: stealing.

Count two stated stealing and the particulars of the offence stated that the accused persons on 27 July 2017, around 2:00 and 3:00 hours, at Yarambamba Estate in Old Yundum, stole one flat screen TV 40 inches valued D45,000 and two mobile phones; mark Wiko and Alcatel each valued at D7,000.

Count three stated threatening violence and the particulars of the offence stated that Gibril Colley on the same date and place threatened to kill Sarjo Badjie with a knife in her room.

The prosecution led by Inspector Louise Gomez called two witnesses: Mariama Sanyang and Bintou Bojang, who testified before the court and identified the alleged stolen items.

In her testimony, Mariama Sanyang told the court she recognised the accused person as the very people who broke into their house on 27 July 2017, at Yarambamba Estate in Old Yundum Village.

She said the accused persons broke the burglar proof of the window at the dining room to gain entrance into the house.

The witness described the clothes and the pair of shoes the accused person wore on the day of the incident.

She testified that the accused persons broke a bottle at the door to prevent the occupants from coming out of the house.

The witness said she saw the 2nd accused person unplugging the telephones but at the time the accused was caught she did not see any phone with him.

The witness identified the alleged stolen items and they were tendered, admitted in evidence and marked as exhibits.

For her part, Binta Bojang, a student and resident of Yarambamba Estate, told the court she recognised the accused persons and that on the day of the alleged incident at about midnight she set her mobile phone to alarm at 1:30 hours.

The witness revealed that at 1:30 hours her phone alarmed and she woke up and again set her phone to alarm at 3:30 hours.

The witness further revealed that she was unable to sleep and at about some minutes after 3:00 hours, she observed that the light in the sitting room was on and saw a reflection and she screamed for help and saw the 1st accused flee.

The witness told the court that she informed her elder brother, Bafoday who left in search for them and few moments later, the 1st accused was caught and brought to the house and asked the whereabouts of the missing phones but the accused denied taking them.

The witness revealed that the person who took the phones had fled but after a thorough search was conducted on him, the two phones were found on him.

The witness told the court that the TV set was found inside a grass along the main road.

The witness further told the court that the 2nd accused was brought to the house by a taxi driver after the 1st accused was arrested, adding that it was the 1st accused that confessed and identified him as his cohort.

Hearing continues on 12 September 2017.

Author: Bruce Asemota