Yabouy, group of Tourists gives to women folk

Friday, February 16, 2018

As tourism sector is one of the best pathways to self-employment with Gambian women doing well in the sector, Yabouy Home Cooking and a group of tourists from St. Michaels Sonny Hill and All Souls South Ascot, England Wednesday donated some items and cash to a group of Women Kaffo in Sanyang village. Yabouy Home Cooking Hospitality Consultant facilitated the donation.

Ida Cham, founder of Yabouy Home Cooking said the cash donation is interest free revolving fund, saying the Kaffo will use the money to enhance their various businesses and pay back for other groups to also benefit. She said the group from St. Michaels Sonny Hill and All Souls South Ascot visits Destination Gambia every two years.

She encouraged the women Kaffo to work harder in order to sustain their ventures to repay the money early to enable others to also benefit.

Liz Moore, the team leader said the group always visits Destination Gambia every two years as this will give enough time to beneficiaries of the fund to make best use of it.

The group, according to her has been visiting The Gambia since 2014 to support schools and some charity works.

Author: Yunus S Saliu